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Learning How To Brush Your Teeth Environmentally Sustainably

Plastic has become one of the world’s most highly used commodities – but in turn, it has become one of the most harmful materials to our environment. Often found in our toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes, and floss containers, plastic has become a standard material used in dentistry to provide people with better oral care products. If […]

That First Cup of Coffee May Be Doing Great Things For Your Smile

Let’s make no bones about it, coffee is an extremely acidic drink, and acid is no friend to your teeth. When we add sugar, cream, and flavorings to our morning latte, it can be hard to understand how coffee actually helps our teeth. While the acid is no friend of your enamel, there are other […]

How Safe Is Your Child’s Charcoal Toothbrush?

Charcoal toothbrushes have been marketed for their ability to remove stains with activated charcoal, and often because of their design; they claim to have less bacterial contamination than non-charcoal toothbrushes. For many parents wishing to understand their options, charcoal toothbrush and toothpaste can either sound like a fantastic opportunity, or a waste of time, depending […]

How Parents Can Help Prevent Tooth Decay

One thing that concerns many dental savvy parents is whether or not their child is getting enough fluoride. In the United States this isn’t generally a concern, as the water in most municipal areas has had fluoride added. Those who get their water from a well or who don’t drink city water may find themselves […]

How Xylitol Can Benefit Your Child’s Oral Health

Caring for your child’s teeth can be challenging, but caring for their teeth is an essential part of improving their oral health over time and ensuring they have healthy teeth in the future. Even with numerous reminders to brush their teeth, helping them understand why brushing their teeth is important, sometimes encouraging them through other […]

Why Your Child Can Benefit From Early Orthodontic Treatment

For many parents with children, it’s often confusing why many dentists and orthodontists recommend early orthodontic treatment. For some, parents often refuse to take their children to an orthodontist because they don’t see the reasons behind the treatment. According to the American Dental Association, the recommended age for a child’s first visit to an orthodontist […]

Foods and Beverages That Can Harm Your Child’s Teeth

Your child’s teeth are at a prime area of development; with so many varieties of food items for your child to enjoy, one aspect of being a conscientious parent is caring about what your child eats. When your child begins to ask the question “Mom/Dad, may I have this please?” one of the choices you […]

What is Enamel Hypoplasia?

Have you ever noticed that some children experience a higher rate of cavities than others, no matter how much they brush? While poor oral hygiene can certainly play a role, this can occur even in those who have exquisite oral health practices. When cavities occur in those who carefully brush on a regular basis, there’s […]

The Best Dental Supplies for Children

Getting children to brush consistently can be challenging, and even the most involved parents may find themselves running into a wall trying to teach good dental hygiene. Research has shown that the right products help keep kids engaged and get them excited about proper dental hygiene. Here at Smiling Kids Pediatric Dentistry in Noblesville, IN, […]

Why to Consider Dental Sealants For Your Child

Parents wondering if dental sealants make a difference for their child’s dental health, but we’re here to tell you that it absolutely does! Dental sealants, for those who don’t know, are a white resin material that’s painted and sealed into the grooves of the teeth, and help seal the tooth from bacteria and food particles. […]

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