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Why to Consider Dental Sealants For Your Child

Parents wondering if dental sealants make a difference for their child’s dental health, but we’re here to tell you that it absolutely does! Dental sealants, for those who don’t know, are a white resin material that’s painted and sealed into the grooves of the teeth, and help seal the tooth from bacteria and food particles. […]

The Importance of Teaching Your Children About Dental Hygiene

The first few years of a person’s life is an important formative period for lifelong oral health habits. Studies have revealed that habits surrounding brushing their teeth to food choices find their roots during the first two years. Those who experience cavities in their primary, or baby, teeth show a higher tendency to have oral […]

The Five Stages of Teething

For new parents who constantly worry about the health of their newborn, the question of teeth come into play as an ever-living nightmare. When will the baby’s first set of teeth come in? How do you handle the uncomfortable experience that’s teething for your kid? When will your kid be able to eat more solid […]

Why Baby Teeth Are Important

Just because baby teeth fall out as a natural part of the growing process doesn’t mean they don’t serve a purpose and aren’t essential to care for. Throughout your child’s development, the baby teeth help to develop proper speaking habits, ensure that they’ll have healthy permanent teeth and that the position and alignment of those […]

Manual vs Electronic Toothbrushes

If you’ve been considering getting yourself an electric toothbrush you’re probably wondering whether it’s really worth all the hype. The fact of the matter is that electric toothbrushes provide many benefits over traditional manual toothbrushes, and it’s more than just getting a deeper clean. The manual toothbrush is certainly a reliable old stand-by, but when […]

Why Dental Cleanings are Essential

Dental Cleaning can help clear away infections, debris, and staining from your teeth and gums. A cleaning is always accompanied with your check-up, and cleaning gives you the opportunity to clean the spots you can’t get to without the help of a dentist. However, cleaning also gives you the opportunity to keep an eye on […]


Halloween Candy: Your Dental Survival Guide

It’s that time of year again when little ghouls and goblins get dressed up to go around terrorizing neighborhoods and their dentists by collecting immense amounts of candy. While Trick or Treating may all be in fun, that doesn’t mean that it’s completely harmless. The real monsters are the bacteria that feed off of the […]

Tips from the Tooth Fairy

Childhood is a place where dreams and fantasies come to life. As a vital part of a child’s ability to grow, beliefs such as the tooth fairy help teach them valuable lessons about their body and how they’re growing into adulthood. The tooth fairy can be used as a way to encourage good dental habits. […]

The Anatomy Of Your Teeth

The anatomy of teeth is a wonderful aspect of the human body to learn about, because these structures in our mouths help us eat, speak, and smile in the most beautiful ways possible, However, for many people, not many tend to know about the anatomy that’s involved with the mouth, as about half of it […]

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