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What Are Temporary Anchorage Devices (TADs)?

If you’ve recently found out that your child needs orthodontic treatment, then finding out more about what their treatments entail can be a great way to learn more about how to best care for their teeth. In cases where your child needs orthodontic treatment, some orthodontists may recommend temporary anchorage devices alongside their braces to […]

Our Strategies For Treating Pediatric Orthodontic Pain

When children’s teeth are guided to the correct position, one of many parents’ biggest concerns is if their braces will hurt. From our expertise, your child’s braces will most likely make their teeth sore and uncomfortable, and the amount of pain they experience will depend on their stress levels, age, emotional state, and gender. For […]

Pediatric Robots: A New Companion For Improving Dental Care

Nervousness is a normal response when visiting the dentist, especially for children. For dentists like us who work with children regularly, having the tools at hand to work with children experiencing nervousness is essential. Right now, many pediatric dentists often rely on entertainment devices, positive language reinforcement, and other educational tools; some companies have gone […]

Can Hypnosis Be Used As A Way To Reduce Dental Anxiety?

When most people think of hypnosis, it usually conjures up images of show business gags and performers acting for entertainment. However, hypnotherapy has some misconceptions, and it’s often used in therapy sessions to help patients ease feelings, explore thoughts and revisit memories. But in other clinical settings, hypnosis has been used to help patients control […]

The Oral Signs of Child Abuse and Neglect

You have a child who needs to undergo orthodontic treatment, but they also need restoration work done. You may ask yourself which of these procedures is appropriate to start with. In the majority of cases, it’s going to be important to get the orthodontic treatment done first. A few kinds of restorations may provide additional […]

How Dentists Identify Oral Health Signs of Child Abuse

Child abuse is a serious concern in every part of the world. Any time a child experiences serious mental, emotional, or physical harm at the hands of another, child abuse is taking place. Numerous things fall under this banner. Among them are cases where the guardian has knowingly allowed the child to come to harm, […]

Why Mail-In Orthodontic Aligners Can Worsen Your Oral Health

One of the biggest dental fads out there today is mail-in braces. For those trying to protect themselves during the pandemic or who can’t afford to get orthodontic treatment, mail-in braces seem like a perfect solution on the surface due to their relatively low prices and ease of wear. However, there are many underlying risks […]

What is The Orthodontic Anchorage Control Technique?

Getting orthodontic treatment is a common occurrence for many children. It’s helpful for parents to learn as much as they can about the procedure ahead. With the right information, they can help alleviate their child’s concern by answering their questions. Just as with adults, having an understanding of what’s to come can help ease their […]

The Essential Role Of Dental Crowns For Children’s Teeth

If you’ve just discovered that your child is in need of a crown, you may be wondering why. Many parents hold the illusion that the baby teeth are just placeholders. The truth is they play an essential role in the development of your child’s adult teeth. Without the baby or primary teeth remaining until they […]

Can Pediatric Crowns Be Used For Kids?

Pediatric dental crowns are often an unexplored option for parents worried about their children’s teeth. Most often, when you hear about children having cavities, fillings are considered the most widely known solution out there and are most often used by pediatric dentists. However, in some cases, pediatric crowns are also used to help protect the […]

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