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The Essential Role Of Dental Crowns For Children’s Teeth

If you’ve just discovered that your child is in need of a crown, you may be wondering why. Many parents hold the illusion that the baby teeth are just placeholders. The truth is they play an essential role in the development of your child’s adult teeth. Without the baby or primary teeth remaining until they […]

Can Pediatric Crowns Be Used For Kids?

Pediatric dental crowns are often an unexplored option for parents worried about their children’s teeth. Most often, when you hear about children having cavities, fillings are considered the most widely known solution out there and are most often used by pediatric dentists. However, in some cases, pediatric crowns are also used to help protect the […]

How SDF Is Capable Of Protecting Your Teeth

Every year ongoing research into dental care looks for new ways to prevent dental decay. Hundreds of researchers invest countless hours of their lives into finding treatments and technologies that can prevent the suffering that comes with cavities. Tooth decay is the single most common treatment needed by dental patients, making it a central focus […]

How To Help Your Kids Maintain A Sustainable Smile!

Your kids may not know the difference between what toothbrush and toothpaste they use, but as parents, you certainly do! Making sure that they use products that are safe for their teeth is especially important for us, and when we recommend toothbrushes, we assure that those products are set according to ADA standards of care […]

Staying Eco-Friendly While Protecting Your Smile

Plastic is one of the mainstays of the dental industry, and that’s becoming a problem. When you look at your oral hygiene kit, plastic is everywhere. It’s in your toothbrush, your bottles of mouthwash, and your floss. Worse, your floss isn’t just contained in it, it’s actually made of plastic. It’s no surprise that dental […]

Asthma’s Effect on Children’s Oral Health

As a common disease, asthma affects almost 5 million children under the age of 18 and is considered the leading chronic disease in children. It’s considered one of the main causes of missing school and is more prevalent in boys than girls. There is no cure for asthma, but it can be managed with medications […]

Vitamin D May Be Our Next Gum Disease Hero

Our bodies thrive on nutrients, and for growing children, getting their daily recommended nutrients is especially important for their growing bodies. However, having a vitamin D deficiency is considered especially harmful to our health, especially as we get older. With risks of heart disease, multiple sclerosis, and cognitive impairment, having a vitamin D deficiency should […]

The Role Of Mental Health In Oral Health In Children

Childhood is a unique place in our lives, and as parents and role models, a child’s behavior can often be influenced by how we receive them. The way they express themselves can manifest in multiple ways and directly reflect their experiences. Those factors can ultimately create both positive and negative impacts on their physical, emotional, […]

Useful Dental Care Tips For Both Mom and Baby

If you’re pregnant, congratulations! Having a new member of your family can be an exciting and nerve-wracking time, and you’re probably looking for all the tips you can to make sure your pregnancy is safe and successful for your newborn. Your OB/GYN has probably recommended the many usual tips, such as taking folate supplements, limiting […]

Ways You Can Boost Your Child’s Oral Health Through Diet

Children should always eat healthily, but for many families, that isn’t the case. For many families, getting good nutrition takes a lot of time and money. But good nutrition will provide longer-lasting effects that outlive your wallet. Maintaining all those wonderful food groups will give your children healthy hearts and minds, giving them the ability […]

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