We are accepting new patients!! Here is what to expect at your first visit.


When To Start Flossing

We all know that flossing daily is an important practice to maintain dental health. Flossing, in addition to brushing, helps to keep our teeth clean and healthy. But, when should children start flossing their teeth? The answer is as soon as they have enough teeth to floss. Generally speaking, children will get all of their […]

Causes of Dental Pain

Dental pain can be the result of several root causes. And while it is uncomfortable to deal with, knowing what is causing pain can help treat it and ensure you don’t deal with it again. One of the most common causes of dental pain is a broken tooth. This can be the result of eating something […]

Preparing a Healthy Breakfast

Eating healthy is about more than managing your weight or preventing heart disease. The truth is healthy eating plays a huge role in your overall dental health. Patients who eat processed foods that are high in carbohydrates and sugars have a much higher rate of decay, as well as oral yeast infections. A healthy diet […]

Tooth Decay

While tooth decay is a common problem in all ages, research has shown that it is particularly prevalent in children of all ages. More and more children are beginning to get cavities at young ages, which has led to a rising belief that children should have their first dental visit by the age of 1. […]

First Visit by age 1

So you’ve had a new baby, congratulations and welcome (again?) to the wonderful world of parenting. You’re going to have so many questions come up during this exciting first year that there’s one you may let slip by. “When should my child see the dentist for the first time?” It’s not uncommon for parents to […]

Establishing a Dental Home

Establishing a dental home is an important part of taking care of your oral health. This is where you’ll be consistently treated for any issues you might encounter, as well as where you will go for routine cleanings and preventative treatment. A dental home makes a person feel like they know their dentist and that […]

The Importance of Primary Teeth

Oftentimes people think that baby teeth or primary teeth aren’t important. After all, these teeth fall out. And if they fall out they can’t be all that valuable. This kind of thinking, however, it what causes thousands and thousands of patients to run into oral problems later in life. Primary teeth play an important role […]

Mouth Guards

It’s that time of year. The sun is shining, kids will be getting out of school soon, and the summer fun will begin. From soccer to basketball to hanging at the skate park, there’s a large probability that your kids will be enjoying the sunshine and fun that comes with summer sports. With sports, however, […]

Special Needs Patients

Everyone’s child deserves dental care from a dentist that’s caring, understanding, and patient. That’s why Dr. Sam Bullard are some of the best pediatric dentists for special needs patients. As parents themselves, they’re committed to treating every patient and family with respect. Approximately 20 percent of the population lives with some form of a disability, […]

Finding the Right Timing for Orthodontic Treatment

For some patients, orthodontic timing for treatment can be something that is quite obvious. In some select patients timing for orthodontic care can depend on a few factors. It is recommended that children receive their first orthodontic evaluation by the time they are 7. In the vast majority of cases, orthodontic intervention will not be […]

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