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How We Transition Pediatric Patients To Adult Treatment

Pediatric dentists are one of the pinnacles of children’s dental health, and one of the biggest responsibilities we have is to help prepare children for adult dental care. Part of being a pediatric dentist is helping children in their adolescent stage learn as much about their dental health as they can and helping parents prepare their teenagers for adulthood with the means and resources to transition. This task can seem daunting and even terrifying for some, but when you visit us, there are many techniques and tools we have at hand to help with this goal. 

How We Help Children Prepare For Adult Dental Care

Teenagers transitioning into adult care is a pivotal and important moment for them, but it’s sadly one of the most neglected aspects of their transition that many medical professionals and parents lack the resources to handle. Many medical practices today often lack focus on these goals, often resulting in new adults having to find their own way in figuring out how to manage their healthcare, dental appointments, insurance rates, etc. This often leaves many new adults lacking the knowledge and resources they need to tackle their health more effectively, which can result in long-term consequences to their health later on in life. 

However, this risk can be avoided if steps are taken early to address it. Many pediatric dentists have plans in place to help their patients more easily transition, and parents can also work with their children’s dentists to ease worries about their transition into adulthood through proper planning and preventative treatments. In these cases, most pediatric dentists have plans and resources already in place for their patients, which include topics such as:

  • Transition Policies: Almost every pediatric practice will have transition policies in place to help their patients towards adult treatment. Each practice will have policies that depend on that specific practice’s goals, including how long patients can stay within their line of care, age limits, and other factors. 
  • Patient Monitoring: Many pediatric dentists will have their patient’s files on hand, meaning that patients and their parents can gain access to their medical information, engage more fully with their treatments, and allow their new primary dentists to be better prepared when treating them. 
  • Readiness Assessments: Readiness assessments are considered essential for child-to-adult transitioning, as these assessments work to help young patients learn the basics of good dental care. These assessments work to help young patients gain more independence and better control over their own healthcare. 

Speak With Your Pediatric Dentist Today!

Working with a pediatric dentist can be a wonderful thing because pediatric dentists can offer their expertise and gentle disposition to help your child grow into adulthood. If you’re curious about your dentist’s policies for child patients, make sure to give them a call and schedule a dental appointment ahead of time to inquire about how they work to give your children the best dental care possible.