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How to Continue Playing an Instrument With Braces

People who have lived with crooked teeth are frequently thrilled at the idea of having a stunning grin with straight teeth. It’s crucial to keep in mind that getting orthodontics requires making some adjustments. Though significantly less obtrusive than earlier models, modern braces can still make some activities more difficult. One instance is playing instrumental instruments like brass and woodwinds, which necessitate the use of the lips. Fortunately, performing an instrument while wearing braces is feasible, and Smiling Kids Pediatric Dentistry, Noblesville will help you get ready!

How to Continue Playing an Instrument With Braces

If you are a serious musician, you know how frustrating it can be when something prevents you from following your interest. Due to this, many musicians are reluctant to receive the dental treatment they require to have a radiant grin. This is needless, and they could rob themselves of a valuable opportunity. Brass instrument performers are those who are most affected by braces. Thankfully, overcoming the difficulties braces present and continuing to perform wonderfully only requires a minor adjustment and more perseverance. You’ll quickly regain your confidence while performing if you follow this advice:

  • Teach yourself a new embouchure: This is the first and most crucial stage. You’re used to developing your embouchure without the use of support. It will take some time to learn new methods that consider them. But by doing so, you can ensure that the braces won’t hurt your lips while exercising.
  • Rest between practices: Many dedicated artists will spend hours honing their instruments. Even though this is unquestionably advantageous, wearing braces at first might make it impractical. As you grow accustomed to your braces, your cheeks may hurt. However, you can maintain your playing consistency by training for a period of 15-20 minutes, then taking a rest.
  • Using orthodontic wax: A special kind of wax called orthodontic wax is intended to conceal the uncomfortable parts of your braces. You can use it to avoid brace pain, even during lengthy shows. You can also purchase specialized mouthguards to protect your dental work and teeth while performing.

With the help of these suggestions, performing music while receiving dental treatment will be much more relaxing and enjoyable. Many artists who wear braces also note that they need to exercise better breath control because it is harder to maintain a tight closure on their instruments.

Let Smiling Kids Pediatric Dentistry, Noblesville, Help You Make Beautiful Music With Braces!

Now, what about that significant encounter we mentioned earlier? According to studies, learning to perform a wind instrument while wearing braces usually leads to more mastery and improved embouchure control. This is a result of the deliberate adjustments required to continue working efficiently. You’re doing more than improving your face when you get orthodontics from Smiling Kids Pediatric Dentistry in Noblesville. If you play wind instruments as a performer, you might be improving your ability! To schedule an appointment with Sam Bullard at our Noblesville, Indiana office, call (317) 773-KIDS(5437). We want you to be able to continue making music, even if you have braces!