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A Parents Primer For Pediatric Dental Hygiene

There’s an immense amount of focus on our children’s mental and physical health. However, there is less emphasis on their oral health. This is unfortunate, as the care we provide our youngest family members can impact their oral health for a lifetime. Smiling Kids Pediatric Dentistry has provided this primer for pediatric dental hygiene to help dispel urban myths and correct misinformation often held by new parents. By doing so, we hope to give more children the best chance at a future with a beautiful smile.

A Parents Primer For Pediatric Dental Hygiene

The first thing new parents need to know is that their infant’s oral health starts in the womb. During their development, their health can be impacted by bacteria and infections present in the mother. This is why new parents must take steps to protect their own oral health throughout their pregnancy. Once their born, their oral health needs to be considered from the start. The guardianship of their oral health will need to be carefully watched until they can take the responsibility into their own hands.  

To start, here are a few tips to help you in protecting your child’s oral health:

  • During your second trimester, you must receive a thorough dental cleaning. This helps reduce the risk of the mother passing bacteria or infection to her growing baby.
  • Cosmetic, emergency, and restorative care should wait until the baby arrives.
  • After their arrival, their gums should be washed with damp gauze after every feeding.
  • Your child’s first appointment will be at one year or when their first tooth comes in.

When you visit Smiling Kids Pediatric Dentistry, you’ll be meeting with a member of our knowledgeable pediatric dental team. They’ll introduce your child to the clinic and talk you through the following steps. They’ll receive a thorough dental exam that includes x-rays to observe the developing state of their teeth and jaw. This process will be repeated at each bi-annual visit throughout their childhood to ensure any concerns can be caught early.

Your child’s baby teeth are an essential part of their developing smile. They aren’t merely placeholders; they help the jaw to develop properly. When your baby’s teeth fall out naturally, they will have completed their job of ensuring sufficient space for the adult teeth to come in straight and healthy. Losing their primary (baby) teeth early can result in an insufficient room for these teeth, causing misalignment.

Discover Additional Pediatric Dental Hygiene Tips With A Visit

When you’re waiting for the exciting day your baby is born, call (317) 773-KIDS(5437) and arrange to visit our office in Noblesville, IN. Our staff will give you a clinic tour and explain how it accommodates our younger patients. Further, you’ll receive essential tips about protecting your infant’s health in the womb and beyond. We’re excited about being part of your family’s oral health journey and can’t wait to welcome your child to the world of pediatric dental care.