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How Can I Help My Child When Their Two-Year Molars Erupt?

If you’re a parent, then you’re most likely aware of just about everything your child experiences daily. But what happens when their 2-year-old molars start erupting? If you’ve started noticing your child going through some moody behaviors, then it’s most likely their molars! Molars coming in can be especially uncomfortable during this time, and as the first set of teeth erupts, they can make even the happiest child become irritable. So, here’s our general outline for helping your child through this time and help them achieve good oral health! 

Signs and Symptoms of Two-Year Molars and How To Help Your Child

If your child’s molars have started coming in, then congratulations to your child! They’re right on time for having a full set of teeth! Your child’s molars can allow them to grind food into smaller pieces and help them enjoy all the foods they want! While most molars start to erupt around ages 6 or 7, the first set of molars to appear comes around when they’re two years old! However, these teeth tend to be a bit more stubborn than other teeth, as they’re usually underdeveloped and come out as buds below the gumline. Some key signs to look out for with their 2-year-old molars include:

  • Drooling: If your child’s molars are popping in, then your child may drool more than usual. 
  • Irritability: They may become more irritable as time goes on, as their molars can be uncomfortable when they come in
  • Chewing On Objects: To help with their potential pain, they may be seen chewing on toys, fingers, and other objects. 
  • Red Gums Near the Eruption Site: If you look at their gums, their first molars will have redness along the gumline, indicating the eruption zone. 
  • Terrible Sleep: Your child may sleep terribly during the time they’re erupting, so expect to see your child in the middle of the night! 
  • Low-Grade Temperature: Their body temperature may reach around 99 degrees Fahrenheit as their body is attempting to adjust to these new changes. 

All of these symptoms can appear troublesome at first, but don’t worry! This is considered a normal part of growing up, but there’s plenty you can do for your child to help alleviate their pain and help them through this discomfort. Some suggestions include: 

  • Teething Rings: Teething rings can be an excellent way to help alleviate their discomfort and give them some time to chew on! 
  • Fun Distractions: Help keep your child busy by giving them fun distractions such as movies, drawing, board games, or anything to help them through the day. 
  • Cold, Wet Washcloth: You can wash out their mouth with a wet washcloth around the tooth area to soothe any inflammation and irritation they may be experiencing. 
  • Moisturize Their Mouth: If they’re drooling and have dried-up lip lines, you can help moisturize their mouth with baby-safe body lotion or chapstick. 

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