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How Old Do You Have To Be To Get Braces?

Your child’s earliest years are an important time in every aspect of their development. The development of their teeth and oral cavity is no exception. The choices made during this time can have a lasting impact on the health of their smile for the rest of their life. Further, making the best choices for their dental care during these years can help save you money years later. One question that often comes up is when it’s the right time to have your child receive orthodontic care. Not every child will need it, but when orthodontic care becomes necessary, you want to act as soon as possible. We’ll discuss when and how Smiling Kids Pediatric Dentistry can help.

How Old Should My Child Be Before Getting Braces?

The simple answer is that your child should be at least nine before undergoing orthodontic treatment. During this time, your child’s adult teeth will have begun to arrive, making it the perfect time to ensure they come in correctly. However, not every child will require orthodontic care, so how do you know? Thankfully, a few indicators will tell you it’s time to speak to one of our team about the potential need for braces. It starts with their first orthodontic visit with our team. Now we just said age 9, but that’s when treatment can begin. The road ahead is often clearly visible to our team at age seven. At this point, we can identify any potential concerns that need to be addressed and begin taking steps to do so. During this visit, the following topics will be covered:

  • Overcrowding – At age 7, the risk of overcrowding is easily identified. In some cases, overcrowded teeth will require extraction to ensure plenty of room for all your child’s teeth. Braces are often used to help pull the remaining teeth into proper alignment.
  • Jaw Misalignment – Sometimes, the jaw doesn’t align correctly, resulting in overbite, underbite, and crossbite. This misalignment can range from severe to minor, and the type and need for treatment can be determined at this point.
  • Child’s Habits – Some children suck their thumb, which can result in pushing the front teeth forward over time. Mouth breathing also presents a risk to your child’s teeth.

Your child’s need for orthodontic care will be determined based on the observations made during this visit. This will include the type of braces and how long we anticipate they’ll need to be worn. It’s essential to get braces if your child needs them. If the conditions remain untreated, the long-term consequences can be uncomfortable, embarrassing, and expensive to address later.

See Our Team To Discover If Braces Can Help Your Child

It’s important that you have your child in for an orthodontic assessment as soon after age seven as possible. Doing so will ensure that any developing issues are caught early and can be addressed before they become more severe. During this time of their life, treating these concerns is faster, more successful, and less expensive. Call us today at (317) 773-KIDS(5437) or visit us in Noblesville, IN, to start your child on the road to a future with a beautiful smile!