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A Parents Primer For Pediatric Dental Hygiene

There’s an immense amount of focus on our children’s mental and physical health. However, there is less emphasis on their oral health. This is unfortunate, as the care we provide our youngest family members can impact their oral health for a lifetime. Smiling Kids Pediatric Dentistry has provided this primer for pediatric dental hygiene to […]

How Trauma-Informed Pediatric Care Protects Children

At some point during our life, we’re bound to experience traumatic events that leave a mark on us. These events are hard enough when we’re adults with coping skills that help us manage our experiences. Children who go through traumatizing events typically lack these coping mechanisms and may struggle with communicating their experiences. Of all […]

What to Do If Your Child Fears Dental Visits

If your child fears going to the dentist, know we can help. It’s a normal reaction for a child to be frightened during their first visit. Many adults still feel uneasy about visiting the dentist! Smiling Kids Pediatric Dentistry has plenty of tips and tricks to help make your child’s experience more comfortable for them […]