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The Anatomy Of Your Teeth

The anatomy of teeth is a wonderful aspect of the human body to learn about, because these structures in our mouths help us eat, speak, and smile in the most beautiful ways possible, However, for many people, not many tend to know about the anatomy that’s involved with the mouth, as about half of it […]

Animals Have Amazing Teeth

We humans have some incredible teeth that let us enjoy our favorite foods, smile, talk, and sing the way that we do, but have you ever stopped to think about all the animals in the world and what their teeth must be like? Animals have some pretty interesting teeth, all perfectly suited to the way […]

Common Dental Emergencies and First Aid

We frequently talk about first aid treatments and what to do in case of medical emergencies that result from various areas of the body, but all too often dental first aid treatments are left out of these discussions.  The mouth is as susceptible to medical emergencies as any other part of the body, and there […]

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