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Why to Consider Dental Sealants For Your Child

Parents wondering if dental sealants make a difference for their child’s dental health, but we’re here to tell you that it absolutely does! Dental sealants, for those who don’t know, are a white resin material that’s painted and sealed into the grooves of the teeth, and help seal the tooth from bacteria and food particles. Because of this, dental sealants are made to prevent cavities from forming in your child’s teeth, and if you’re still not convinced, we’ll inform you about all the aspects of dental sealants that you need to know before making that big decision for you child’s health.

Why Parents Are Weary of Sealants

One of the most often heard conceptions about dental sealants is that they contain BPA or bisphenol A. BPA is a chemical typically used in food packaging products and is used to make the production of plastics and resins. BHA is known to be linked with health problems in the brain, prostate gland, and blood pressure. At one point in dentistry, the BPA occurred at much higher levels, because dental sealants existed during the 1960s, where chemicals such as BPA weren’t regulated on such as level as chemicals are today. Dental sealants today contain a very small amount of BPA, about .001 percent because the main materials that make up dental sealants are composed of glass ionomer and plastic cements, a popular form of dental cement that’s highly resistant to moisture and grinding

Why Choose Dental Sealants

Dental sealants come with a huge number of benefits for your child. Some of which include:

  • Preventative Measure – Dental sealants are a preventative measure against cavities, and because of their bonding strength to the tooth, bacteria, fluids, and food particles won’t get lodged into and stuck in the grooves of your child’s teeth.
  • Protects Against Cavities – While dental sealants are an optional treatment, dental sealants are highly recommended for children who have deep grooves and fissures in the molars and premolars of their teeth.
  • High Rate of Success – Dental sealants have a higher chance of preventing cavities than with normal hygiene habits. Sealants can prevent 80 percent of cavities from forming in children, and those who don’t have sealants have about three times as many cavities.
  • Cost Less – If you’re worried about the costs, then don’t worry. Dental sealant treatments cost around $30 to $60 per tooth, and most insurance and discount plans can help reduce the costs even lower, leaving your child with a healthier mouth and you with more money in your wallet.

How Cavities Affect Your Child’s Health

For children with cavities, the natural structure of the tooth becomes compromised, and restoring the tooth will involve drilling, fillings, and other restorative measures to repair the structure and give the tooth some structure back. Those procedures can cost a lot out of a visit and aren’t always insured.

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