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What Are Those Things in the Dentist’s Office?

When you stop in for your twice yearly dental checkup (You are going twice a year aren’t you?) you probably spend some time in the chair wondering what all those tools your dentist uses are called.  You likely hear the whine of a nearby drill, and can see the assortment of tools laid out on the tray ready to be used for whatever mysterious purpose their intended. If you find this situation making you nervous maybe you just need a little more information to set your mind at ease.  Within this document you’ll find information about some of the most common articles of the dental practice.

The Mirror Chooses The Dentist

Alright, so maybe it isn’t a wand, but it is a reflective device on the end of a metal rod, and that’s pretty cool too.  This simple device consists of an angled mirror set on a metal handle, and is used to help the dentist get some insight into places your dentist can’t see with just his eyes.  With this enhanced view he’s able to look around and spot any evidence of oral decay beginning to set in so, allowing them to address it before it gets out of control.

A Sickle Probe Isn’t For Harvesting

Unless it’s for harvesting information from your mouth.  This device has a sharp-looking hook on one end and, like the mirror, is on the end of a metal handle of slightly different shape.  Used for exploring those crevices between the teeth, it also can be used to get plaque and tartar off your teeth. In instances where a cavity is present your dentist may use this device to determine its severity.

Everything to Scale

Another device your dentist uses is a scaler, which is specifically used for scraping away tartar and plaque from the teeth.  If you have significant levels of plaque and tartar buildup on your teeth, the scaler can be used to eliminate it.  

The Saliva Ejector Sucks

That may be a bit indelicate, but its also an accurate description of its purpose.  This device is the one that makes the sound of constant airflow, and is placed in your mouth to extract saliva that may get in the way of your dentists work or examination.  While it occasionally will stick to your tongue or cheek, it pops right off and is of no danger to you at all.

Dental Drill

This device is probably the source of the most fear and trepidation from dental patients.  The sound of it has a special quality that can get right into the bones of some patients, but its an essential tool in tackling cavities.

These are just some of the tools you’ll find in your dentist’s office, and all of them are essential to taking proper care of your oral health.  If you haven’t been in to see the dentist in a while it’s time to make the call to Smiling Kids Noblesville. Located in Noblesville, IN Dr. Sam Bullard works with families like yours to ensure that everyone gets off to a great start with the oral health and dental hygiene practices.