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Vitamin D May Be Our Next Gum Disease Hero

Our bodies thrive on nutrients, and for growing children, getting their daily recommended nutrients is especially important for their growing bodies. However, having a vitamin D deficiency is considered especially harmful to our health, especially as we get older. With risks of heart disease, multiple sclerosis, and cognitive impairment, having a vitamin D deficiency should be taken seriously because it also can affect oral health. Vitamin D plays a vital role for the body, as it helps the body convert calcium into the bloodstream and give our bones the fortitude it needs to maintain its strength and stability. 

Having a vitamin D deficiency can cause numerous oral health problems as a result, including periodontal disease. Today, we’re going to explore why getting your daily dose of vitamin D is essential for your health and your children’s health. 

How Vitamin D Helps Protect Us From Gum Disease

Vitamin D deficiencies become more prominent as we age, and with at least 50 to 90% of vitamin D absorbed through our skin, there is an increasing prevalence of vitamin d deficiencies among those who are older. People with minimal light exposure, poor diets, and insufficient metabolisms will often have many health issues if they have this deficiency. However, most people often forget that their teeth and gums also require this vitamin, as it’s an essential part of how our mouths protect our teeth and gums from diseases and decay. 

For the onset of gingivitis, this early form of gum disease can easily be treated in children. However, in its more advanced stages, advanced gum disease or periodontal disease can be quite harmful, leading to a higher risk of heart disease and other cardiovascular problems later on in life. This risky, dangerous disease often breaks down the gum tissue, infects bacteria into the bloodstream, and can be difficult to treat with just brushing and flossing alone. 

However, vitamin D is one of the best nutrients you can give to yourself and your family because it actually works to prevent this disease. Vitamin D is a powerful tool at your disposal because, according to researchers, it works by: 

  • It contains antibacterial properties that fend off against the bacteria in our mouths.
  • These antibacterial properties, called defensins and cathelicidins, are proteins that have the ability to destroy the bacteria cell for good.
  • It also aids our immune systems in defending against these harmful forms of bacteria.
  • Vitamin D contains an active component is called calcitriol that’s made from our kidneys. This substance helps strengthen our bones and boost calcium throughout our bloodstream.
  • It also reduces the amount of MMP, or metalloproteinases, throughout the blood and oral cavities to reduce the risk of gum disease.

Giving Your Child Vitamin D For Their Oral Health

To best help your children’s oral health, some of the ways you can do that include encouraging them to drink a glass of milk, play out in the sunshine, and even take children’s dietary supplements to increase their daily intake of vitamin D. More so, having them visit their pediatric or family dentist will be an even better way to help them care for their teeth.