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Tips from the Tooth Fairy

Childhood is a place where dreams and fantasies come to life. As a vital part of a child’s ability to grow, beliefs such as the tooth fairy help teach them valuable lessons about their body and how they’re growing into adulthood. The tooth fairy can be used as a way to encourage good dental habits. So, if you’re a parent looking for fun ways to make the tooth fairy occasion a lot more fun, then here’s our guide on how to prepare for the arrival of the tooth fairy!

Plan for Your Child’s First Loose Tooth

Being the tooth fairy can be an exciting venture for both you and your child and planning for their first lost tooth. If your child comes to you and tells you that their tooth is loose, then it’s time to put the plan into action by telling stories of the tooth fairy, making games for your child to play, and get them excited for the prospect of the tooth fairy coming, and give them a sense of wonder and hope.

Set a Reminder

Once that tooth is loose, tell your child to put that tooth underneath their pillow. When this day comes, set a reminder on your phone for the occasion, and make sure that when you wake up a night, you deliver the gift when they are in the deepest of sleep.

Pay Attention to What You Give Your Child

Giving them hopes about the tooth fairy is an excellent way to brighten their hearts and provide them with a sense of imagination, but don’t let them expect a gift every time that their tooth is loose, especially if you don’t have enough money to give them a reward each time. Instead, tell them that the tooth fairy is a one-time occurrence to keep the illusion grand. If you give them too high of expectations, your child may even start to become suspicious and will ask questions.

Stash Money Aside

If you need to, set some money aside for the occasion. Children will lose 20 teeth throughout their childhood, and if you plan on giving them gifts throughout the entire time they’re losing teeth, then having some money stashed aside for the occasion will be an excellent plan to have. If you would instead give them gifts that aren’t money, schedule a time in your day to go out and purchase them a gift. However, if you do forget that day, tell them that the tooth fairy might have decided to hide their gift in a different part of the house, have them go looking for it, and then find a place to hide the gift in a place where your child can see it.

These are just a few ways to make your tooth fairy antics just a bit more exciting. If you’re looking for other tips related to your child’s growth, then pick up the hone and call Smiling Kids Noblesville in Noblesville, IN. Dr. Sam Bullard specializes in taking care of children’s teeth, teaching kids the importance of brushing their teeth, and works with all kinds of kids to create the most comfortable and fun experiences.