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Preparing For Braces

If you are scheduled to receive braces, you may be wondering how to prepare for your special day. You may be wondering how braces will affect your life or even what they will happen at your braces appointment. A big part of preparing for your braces is simply being informed. Knowing more about the preparation process for braces will help you to better prepare.

There are different stages in the braces preparation process. What happens at your appointment will vary depending on where you are in this braces process. Generally speaking, there are a few different appointments that are made in preparation for your braces. While all orthodontists have their own specific approach, there are a few general trends to expect. Before receiving braces, your orthodontist will most likely perform an oral exam, take x-rays, and get an impression to make a mold of your teeth.

Impressions are taken by fitting a specialized frame in your mouth and filling it with a mixture that is soft at first, but will gradually harden over the course of about a minute to replicate the shape of your teeth. This mixture may be flavored according to your preference, or it may be flavorless. It is usually somewhat gritty in texture, however most of the mixture remains in the frame and you may never feel or taste it. The hardest part about impressions is sitting still with a large object in your mouth for a minute. You will want to breathe through your nose and try to remain still so they can get an accurate mold the first time.

Once they have the mold of your mouth, you will be all done. However, they will later pour plaster into this mold to make a model of your mouth that the orthodontist will use, along with the x rays,  to determine your treatment plan. At this time, extractions of permanent teeth may be recommended if needed.

At your next appointment, your orthodontist will explain your treatment plan and begin the next phase of the process. This phase is marked by the insertion of doughnuts into your mouth. No, not the delicious kind. Rather, these doughnuts are small plastic separators that wedge between your teeth and create the space that is needed for proper braces application. They may cause some discomfort, but this is usually easily remedied with over the counter pain relievers.

At this point, you are almost to the stage where your braces will be put on. To prepare for this final step, you will want to do a few things. The first will be to stock up on soft foods. After the initial process of getting your braces, your teeth will most likely be sore for the first week while they adapt. During this time, you will want to eat foods that do not require much chewing. Things like yogurt, pudding, fish, pasta, bananas, smoothies, steamed vegetables, mac and cheese, and mashed potatoes are all recommended.

You will also want to remind yourself about the benefits of braces. The first week can be tough, and maintaining a good attitude will make things much easier. You will want to remember what the end goal is, your beautiful smile, and work through the hardships to make it happen.