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How To Help Your Kids Maintain A Sustainable Smile!

Your kids may not know the difference between what toothbrush and toothpaste they use, but as parents, you certainly do! Making sure that they use products that are safe for their teeth is especially important for us, and when we recommend toothbrushes, we assure that those products are set according to ADA standards of care and help keep your kids’ teeth clean and shiny. But for those of you who are conscientious about the environment, finding the right toothbrush for your kids that meets both their needs and the environment can be extremely challenging.

Luckily, we’re here to help! We’re here to help encourage your family to move towards sustainable oral care and give you some tips on how to search for the safest dental products that are also good for the environment.

How To Search For Eco-Friendly Kids Dental Products

Plastic toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes, and floss containers remain some of the largest components of plastic waste across the world, with over 50 million pounds already gathering up in landfills and ocean waters across the US. With our economy’s heavy reliance on plastic as a tool for delivering products, many medical companies that manufacturer our dental products still rely on plastic because it’s affordable, easy to generate, and can freely adhere to health standards set to keep people safe. Our environment, however, is constantly suffering from the use of plastic. Plastic products in our field of care present a huge problem, and resolving this issue takes work and dedication from everyone to change it!

So, what can a parent do to help keep their family’s oral health more sustainable? One of the best ways to take part in this initiative is by finding the right dental products that work for you! Changing habits in your family can be formidable at best, but to help you out, here are some recommendations we can offer to help you find sustainable products:

  • Research The Materials You Choose: The eco-friendly industry loves using labels to encourage people to purchase their products. Make sure to research their claims and look into what ingredients they use to make their products.
  • Always Choose ADA Approved: The American Dental Association sets guidelines for dentists and patients on healthy and safe brushing habits, and that includes dental products.
  • Throw Away and Recycle Responsibly: If you intend on using plastic toothbrushes, make sure to recycle them and all other plastic dental products to reduce environmental waste.
  • Find Products That Fit Your Lifestyle: Most of all, if you cannot afford to use that fancy bamboo toothbrush, then make sure that when you choose products that work for your lifestyle and children’s needs.

Eco-friendly products are a wonderful concept, but this ideal has a long way to go. Solving the global waste problem will take time and commitment to tackle truly, but as parents, choosing eco-friendly products means that your family will eventually be contributing to a better, healthier world!