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How SDF Is Capable Of Protecting Your Teeth

Every year ongoing research into dental care looks for new ways to prevent dental decay. Hundreds of researchers invest countless hours of their lives into finding treatments and technologies that can prevent the suffering that comes with cavities. Tooth decay is the single most common treatment needed by dental patients, making it a central focus of this research. Silver diamine fluoride was one discovery made by these scientists that provided an incredible new tool in the war against tooth decay. It has the ability to stop tooth decay in its tracks within moments.

How SDF Is Capable Of Protecting Your Teeth

While this treatment hasn’t been commonly available in the United States until recently, it’s not really a new treatment. This treatment has been available throughout the world for decades. It was only recently, however, that it finally passed the strict guidelines enforced by the FDA. Silver diamine fluoride is available in a liquid form that can quickly, easily, and painlessly be applied to a cavity. In 80% of treatments, this single swab stops the advance of tooth decay in its tracks. While its availability is on the rise, it’s not currently available from all dental health providers.

The secret of SDF’s effectiveness is hidden in its make-up. It’s no secret that fluoride is a powerful weapon against tooth decay. It’s been included in toothpaste, mouthwash, and even your city water to protect your teeth. Silver also has well-known cavity-fighting properties, but it has always been difficult to find affordable and effective ways to leverage these properties. Until SDF came along, that is. These two substances combine, along with others, to produce a substance that can wipe out tooth decay with the swipe of a swab. It’s also incredibly affordable, costing as little as $1 a treatment.

With all these incredible benefits, you may be wondering what the catch is? The truth of the matter is, there are two. The first is that it is only truly effective against relatively shallow patches of decay. The other drawback is that this substance has the unfortunate side-effect of turning the treated area permanently black. This trait makes it an unpopular choice for decay spots located in the front of the mouth, at least in adults. Children who still retain their baby teeth can benefit without concerns over lasting aesthetic problems. The decay will be stopped, their developing adult teeth protected, and there being no permanent visual defects.

This makes it an excellent treatment for children who happen to be prone to developing cavities. 

Is It Time For You To Speak To Your Dentist About SDF?

If your child is facing complications from cavities, there’s no need to despair. Silver diamine fluoride can halt that advancing decay in its track in 80% of cases. Just give your pediatric dental health provider a call today to schedule an appointment. They’ll assess your child’s overall oral health and determine if SDF is an effective treatment for their case. Protecting your child’s dental health could be just a swab away; call today!