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Foods and Beverages That Can Harm Your Child’s Teeth

Your child’s teeth are at a prime area of development; with so many varieties of food items for your child to enjoy, one aspect of being a conscientious parent is caring about what your child eats. When your child begins to ask the question “Mom/Dad, may I have this please?” one of the choices you make as a mother or father is whether or not that child will benefit from that food item. As dentists, we highly focus on children’s teeth and their health and know that there’s a distinct connection between what a child eats and how healthy their teeth are. There are some foods out there that can greatly affect your child’s dental health, and we’re here to list off some of the most common food types that can harm their teeth.

Sugar-filled Candies

Sugar is an addictive ingredient that stimulates the brain’s reward system; it triggers the release of neurotransmitters that promote well-being and happiness. With all the varieties of candies out there, the amount of sugar in these candies can damage teeth over time due to how sugar, when left in the mouth, develops plaque when combined with saliva. Sugar has a higher chance of developing plaque due to how easily the molecules dissolve, so when children eat sugary, chewy snacks, and then forget to brush their teeth, cavities are likely to occur.

Citrus Fruits

So, why are citrus fruits on this list? Even though citrus fruits have vital nutrients such as vitamin C and fiber, they contain plenty of acids. When feeding your child their favorite orange juice, or giving them a glass of lemonade for the summer, the acid from the fruits can erode tooth enamel over time, causing tooth decay. However, we suggest keeping this at moderation.

Bread, Pasta, Crackers

Bread, the glutenous food that gives us joy, can also give us cavities. These starchy foods are converted into sugar when stuck in between the teeth, and thus the cycle of plaque development and cavities begins. While many nutritionists and health advocates will say that bread should be limited due to its unhealthy properties, we’re here to say it should be monitored for your teeth’ sake.

Sugar-filled Sodas and Drinks

Your child’s favorite drinks, such as Capri-Sun, CocaCola, and Welsh’s grape juice, all have high amounts of sugar, all of which will erode tooth enamel and give your child a quicker way to develop cavities. These drinks should be highly moderated, especially if you find that your child’s drinking more soda and fruit drinks regularly. Even sports drinks have high amounts of carbs and sugars.

If you would like to learn about what your child should and shouldn’t eat, the best way to do that is to determine what the products contain by looking at the ingredients, seeing what’s in them, and making a choice to either rid of it, or keep it in your pantry. If your child needs a dental appointment, schedule one with Dr. Sam Bullard at Smiling Kids Pediatric Dentistry in Noblesville, IN today!