We are accepting new patients!! Here is what to expect at your first visit.

First Visit by age 1

So you’ve had a new baby, congratulations and welcome (again?) to the wonderful world of parenting. You’re going to have so many questions come up during this exciting first year that there’s one you may let slip by. “When should my child see the dentist for the first time?” It’s not uncommon for parents to forget about their new babies teeth, after all they aren’t born with them! The first time you tend to think about them is when your new baby is being fussy and won’t sleep, and seems to want to chew on everything.

Like everything else in your baby’s life, getting a good start with dental hygiene is something that’s important to a long, happy, and healthy life. So let us answer that question for you, the first time your baby should see the dentist? By the time they’re one year of age. Many new parents are surprised by this answer, however, it has become more prevalent that preschool age children are showing up with cavities. American children tend to have their first cavity by the age of four, and many get them as early as 2 years.

Why Should I See The Dentist With My Baby Before They Have Teeth?

An ounce of prevention, as they say. Prevention of cavities in preschool children requires managing a number of factors common in the life of today’s children. Sugary foods and drinks are a common part of many small children’s diets, and not many get sufficient fluoride to aid them in growing strong healthy teeth. There’s more than just cavities to talk about though!

  • Proper care for the mouth of an infant or toddler.
  • How to use fluoride properly in young children.
  • Maintenance of oral habits, including sucking of fingers and thumbs.
  • Avoiding accidents that could harm the face and teeth.
  • How teething stands as one of the developmental milestones.
  • Connection between oral health and diet.

A series of follow-up visits with doubtless be suggested by your dentist at this time, usually once every six months. Dependent on your child’s particular case, more or less frequent visits may be called for. Communication with your dental team will help you know the proper way to go forward.

Your Baby’s First Visit

During your baby’s first visit to the dentist, there are a few things to expect, starting with a review of your child’s development and health up to the date of the visit. They will ask you about your concerns and provide you information about things you should keep an eye out for, and then discuss how your baby’s teeth will develop over the first year and beyond. This will include things like biting, teething, oral habits, and how to prevent cavities and trauma to your child’s mouth.

Your baby’s first visit to the dentist is the start of a long and healthy set of habits that will help maintain beautiful teeth and a positive relationship with the dentist. One other point, children who have grown up visiting the dentist are often spared the anxiety and trauma that comes with dental visits. Help your child see the dentist as a friend by starting their visits early!