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Common Dental Emergencies and First Aid

We frequently talk about first aid treatments and what to do in case of medical emergencies that result from various areas of the body, but all too often dental first aid treatments are left out of these discussions.  The mouth is as susceptible to medical emergencies as any other part of the body, and there are first aid steps you can take in response to them. In this article we’re going to cover some of the dental emergencies that can occur and the first aid steps you can take in response to them.

  • Cracked Or Broken Teeth: These kinds of injuries can occur due to a number of circumstances, including being impacted in the mouth as part of sports activities.  Chewing food too hard for our teeth can also make them crack and break. If this happens be sure to collect the broken pieces and get to a dentist immediately.
  • Bites Of The Mouth and Tongue: There are a number of factors that can cause this kind of injury, but one of the most common is falling on one’s chin.  Sometimes it can occur due to a misalignment of the jaw and teeth. In cases where this wound doesn’t quickly heal on its own, see your dentist.
  • Infections: Any infection that occurs in the mouth, especially abscesses deep within the gums, are a dental emergency.  Aside from the damage it can do to your mouth, jaw, and neighboring healthy teeth, it can get into the bloodstream if left untended.
  • Knocked Out Or Loose Tooth: A sudden impact can result in a tooth being loosened in the jaw, or completely knocked out of your mouth.  If you quickly wrap up the tooth in a moist towel or get it into a tooth saving container (available at local pharmacy’s) the tooth can sometimes be saved if you get directly back to a dentist.
  • Bleeding From The Mouth: Any instance where you are experiencing bleeding in or around the mouth is a dental emergency that should receive immediate care.  Pressure can help stop the bleeding, while ice can help sooth any pain resulting from it.
  • Toothaches: While we usually think of them as a mere annoyance, toothaches can be a serious concern and should be treated accordingly.  Schedule an appointment with your dentist to see what’s causing the toothache so that can be removed.

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