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Causes of Dental Pain

Dental pain can be the result of several root causes. And while it is uncomfortable to deal with, knowing what is causing pain can help treat it and ensure you don’t deal with it again.

One of the most common causes of dental pain is a broken tooth. This can be the result of eating something that is hard or clenching your jaw too tightly. Generally, if you end up with a broken tooth we recommend you come in right away to get it checked out. We will typically do an x-ray, which will help us determine the best route of treatment for your injury. If you do not get your broken tooth taken care of blood flow can halt and the tooth can die.

Another obvious cause of dental pain is having a tooth knocked out. If this happens we recommend you come in with the tooth as soon as possible. Be sure to keep the tooth moist so we can try to save it. Once you come in we will give you pain medication and then work on getting your tooth put back in.

Another reason people come in for tooth pain is that of unexplained swelling. Oftentimes when we look beneath the surface we see that the swelling is the result of an infection or undetected trauma. These types of issues need to be addressed immediately so that they don’t progress into something worse.

If you experience any pain we recommend you contact us. Teeth should not hurt. Any signs of pain mean that something is wrong and needs to be addressed.

Give us a call and learn how Dr. Bullard can get to the root of your tooth pain and help improve both quality of life and overall oral health. We are dedicated to treating patients with respect and are here to serve families in the Noblesville area.