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Are Dental X-Rays Safe?

X-Rays are an integral part of the dental practice, and serve as a useful diagnostic tool that aids the dentist is identifying the presence of disease or damage to the tooth.  While generally considered safe the frequency with which you get x-rays should be determined by your risk for disease, overall health, and age, in addition to signs and symptoms of dental diseases.  The amount of radiation used in dental x-rays is very minimal, so there’s nothing to fear from them. Learn more about dental x-rays below.

When Should I Get Dental X-Rays?

If you’re a new patient you’ll be getting x-rays as part of your normal introductory examination.  Through these films your dentist will be able to determine where your oral health is sitting and what may or may not need to be done to bring it back into balance.  Children often receive more x-rays than adults due to the speed at which their oral structure changes and how quickly problems can develop throughout. If you want to avoid getting x-rays and you’ve had recent ones taken by another dentist you can always request those copies  be forwarded to your new dentist.

Are They Safe Though?

Yes, dental x-rays are perfectly safe.  The minimal levels of radiation used to take the films are inconsequential when compared to the normal amount of radiation we receive as part of our normal daily activities in the sun.  Dental technology has been working steadily to reduce the amount of radiation being used in these x-rays as well, and the recent innovation of digital x-rays uses even less radiation than the previous generation of tools.  For additional protection patients are provided with a lead vest and thyroid collar to protect the most sensitive tissues.

When Should I Not Get Dental X-Rays?

Generally speaking women who are pregnant should avoid getting radiation treatments of any kind. While the risk to the fetus remains minimal, the rapid growth and change of the cells within it justify extra care.  In the event that you need to have them done anyway you’ll be provided with the same leaded vest and thyroid collar used in any other filming session. The x-rays are safe during the period where you’re trying to get pregnant, and during the breastfeeding phase of your child’s life.  If you have any additional concerns about pregnancy and dental x-rays be sure to speak to your dentist for more information.

Dr. Sam Bullard has been working with his young patients to ensure that they get the best treatment possible using the most modern techniques.  Your children’s safety is his primary concern, as well as that of the staff at Smiling Kids Noblesville in Noblesville, IN. If you’re looking for a new dentist to see to your children’s care, then contact this clinic today and schedule an appointment for an intake check-up.  The health of your children and their teeth deserves to be in the hands of someone who specializes in the care of children’s oral health.