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Animals Have Amazing Teeth

We humans have some incredible teeth that let us enjoy our favorite foods, smile, talk, and sing the way that we do, but have you ever stopped to think about all the animals in the world and what their teeth must be like? Animals have some pretty interesting teeth, all perfectly suited to the way they live their life. From the common family dog to the smallest snail, lots of creatures have teeth, and we’re going to teach you a little about them in this article.

Dog’s Don’t Worry About Cavities

Your family dog has an incredible ability to clean and protect his teeth, and are one of the animals that don’t have to worry about cavities. This is due to their saliva being really good at killing bacteria, keeping their teeth from breaking down or decaying. While some dog owners like to brush their dogs teeth, it really isn’t necessary. Your teeth still need to be brushed really regularly though!

Elephants Have Enormous Teeth Too

When you look at an elephant one of the first things that you see is the enormous tusks that stick out of their mouth around their trunk. It may be difficult to believe but those tusks are a type of tooth that the elephant grows to help it get food, defend itself, and more. Those aren’t the only big teeth in an elephants mouth though! Elephants molars, the grinding teeth in the back of your mouth, are about 10 lbs, that’s as much as your entire head weighs! While humans only get two sets of teeth in their life, elephant teeth regular fall out and are replaced throughout their life.

Blue Whales Don’t Have Teeth

If you’ve ever seen a blue whale you’ve seen the largest animal on Earth! You may be wondering how big their teeth are and how much they have to eat with them! You may be surprised to learn that blue whales don’t actually have any teeth, swallowing the thousands of shrimp and krill they consume whole so they don’t have to chew!

Snails Have Lots and Lots Of Teeth!

You know what’s stranger than an animal without teeth? An animal that has over 25,000 teeth in their mouth! Even more interesting these teeth are all on their tongue, which makes sense since they don’t have any jaws like you do! These little mollusks are able to eat their food by licking it, wearing it down a little more and more.

Dolphins Need Dentist’s More Than Anyone

If you think that its tough only getting two sets of teeth in your life, be thankful that you aren’t a dolphin! These creatures may be elegant and fast in the water, but they only get one set of teeth to last them their entire lives!

The animal kingdom sure has some incredible teeth, but Dr. Sam Bullard is only concerned about taking care of yours. With his team of friendly staff at Smiling Kids Noblesville in Noblesville, IN, they’ll be happy to teach you all sorts of things about your teeth and how to make sure they last your whole life!